Tyler County Educator Named Leader of Learning

August 03, 1999

Sandy M. Weese, superintendent of Tyler County Schools, has been awarded the prestigious Leader of Learning Award by the West Virginia Department of Education.  

State Superintendent Dr. Henry Marockie presented the award to Weese on Tuesday, August 3, at the 18th annual Leaders of Learning Conference in Charleston. The award is presented each year to an individual whose exemplary leadership has resulted in the definition, delivery and assurance of high quality educational programs and services to West Virginia students.  

"Sandy Weese's inspirational vision of public education in Tyler County has produced exemplary results," Dr. Marockie explained. "Recognized throughout the state and across the nation as an innovative and determined educational leader, she can proudly boast that her county's students have had the highest achievement test scores in West Virginia for two straight years -- and have consistently finished in the top three for the past 10 years."  

Through Weese's efficient, effective leadership and the support of a community that truly values public education, Tyler County passed a local bond issue in 1990 for the consolidation of all middle schools and high schools into one school, Tyler Consolidated Middle School/High School.

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