Department of Education Offers Email Announcements of Delays, Closures and Early Dismissals

February 05, 2002

The West Virginia Department of Education is offering an additional option for parents to learn of any changes in their childrenís daily school schedule. Snow, flooding or utility problems can cause schools to either cancel, delay their morning start or dismiss early, sending students home and causing concern among parents or other care givers.  

With a new link located on the home page of the West Virginia Department of Educationís website, parents and citizens may now subscribe to receive email messages announcing any school cancellations, delays or early closures. The link was designed so this information could be received in a more timely manner, therefore, providing ample time for parents to make arrangements for their children.  

Catering to individual counties, recipients will only receive information on the counties which they select. If a subscriber would like to receive announcements regarding multiple counties, he or she can elect to subscribe to each county individually. Citizens who wish to receive email notifications should visit the state Department of Educationís website at

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