Wetzel County Students to Assist In Fishing Creek Cleanup Efforts

November 02, 2001

PINE GROVE - Juniors and seniors from Valley High School in Wetzel County will clean up Fishing Creek today, Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Michael O. Callaghan announced.  

Through a joint effort with the Division of Natural Resources, students will remove trash from the stream. The cleanup will begin at the confluence of Fallen Timber Creek of Fishing Creek in Wetzel County and continue for approximately a mile to the Arches Fork Road bridge. Lou Schmidt with the Pollution Prevention Open Dump Program (PPOD) of the DEP, along with Natasha Diamond, DNR, are coordinating the cleanup efforts.  

DNR will contribute educational streamside programs in addition to an actual roadside open dump cleanup. This cleanup will be performed on a tributary that is feeding illegally disposed of solid waste into Fishing Creek.  

Tammy Wells, school principal, and earth science teacher Shawn Cohen coordinated the "School to Work" effort with the students. Twenty students will be participating in the cleanup.  

The DEP has agreed to pay for the substitute teacher and bus driver. They will also provide gloves, garbage bags, and other items needed. The cleanup is scheduled from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. The Wetzel County Solid Waste Authority will provide lunch for the students. For more information, contact Lou Schmidt, PPOD project manager, (304)368-3950.

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