Education Programs at State Correctional Institutions Reaccredited

October 18, 2001

The West Virginia Department of Education’s institutional education programs received full reaccreditation by the Correctional Education Association (CEA), an affiliate of the American Correctional Association. Education programs at the Mt. Olive Correctional Complex, the Huttonsville Correctional Center and the Northern Regional Jail met all 24 required standards and 53 of the 54 non-required standards with a passing rate of 98 percent.  

Recognizing the importance of effective education programs to juveniles and adults housed in the state’s correctional facilities, the West Virginia Legislature transferred the responsibility for education programs to the State Board of Education. A national study concluded education plays a vital role in crime prevention and saves taxpayers millions of dollars in victim-related costs and the costs of reincarceration and dependency.  

“Overwhelming evidence has proven correctional education programs have assisted with reducing the recidivism rate and crime prevention,” said Dr. David Stewart, State Superintendent of Schools. “The achievement of CEA accreditation is a national recognition of excellence in the operation of education programs in correctional institutions. Both the Board of Education and the Department of Education are proud of the achievement of this accreditation in education at the state’s three major adult state correctional facilities.”  

Along with the achievement of national accreditation of education programs at the Anthony Correctional Center, the Davis Center and the West Virginia Industrial Home for the Youth, the Department now has received full accreditation in education at six institutions.  

The programs received accreditation for the time period of July 1, 2001 to June 30, 2004.

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