West Virginia CTE Students Receive Inaugural Governor’s Workforce Credential

May 17, 2017

Governor's Workforce Credential

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Today, 80 Career Technical Education (CTE) students from across the state received recognition by earning the inaugural Governor’s Workforce Credential (GWC). Students were honored for meeting or exceeding rigid criteria that measures applicable real-world and work-readiness skills in their CTE programs.

Governor Justice’s office, along with West Virginia Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Steven Paine, recognized the students from 15 high schools and career technical education centers during a ceremony at the West Virginia State Capitol.

“I commend our students for working hard within their CTE programs,” Justice said. “Earning this credential will promote the quality of West Virginia’s workforce and benefit employers in our state.”

The GWC was created to ensure that West Virginia's developing workforce has industry-ready skills to meet high-quality business and industry expectations. Earning a GWC will allow employers to quickly identify potential employees for a variety of skilled job openings.

“West Virginia’s Governor’s Workforce Credential verifies students’ work readiness to potential employers and demonstrates their commitment to success,” Paine said. “Students who earn this credential will be incredibly valuable to potential employers.”

Twenty-four states throughout the United States have implemented a Workforce Credential to promote the quality of their respective workforces. However, most states rely on a single metric to determine their Workforce Credential. West Virginia’s Credential is more comprehensive and looks at five criteria. To achieve the GWC, students must successfully meet the all of the following criteria:

i. Complete the four required state-approved CTE Program of Study courses, and achieve a minimum of 95% Portfolio score;

ii. Have a verified minimum attendance rate of 95%;

iii. Achieve a minimum of Level 3 on the Math and ELA categories of the WV Summative Assessment or Level 5/85% on a Career Readiness Assessment (ACT Work Keys, ACT Key Train, or WIN) or 15% above the NOCTI criterion-referenced cut score;

iv. Earn a nationally recognized Industry Credential that coincides with a state-approved program of study (i.e., NCCER Core, WV Welding, ASE-student, ServSafe, C.N.A.);

v. Obtain a Drug-free Certification – Participate/Pass a minimum of 2 mandatory drug screenings.

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