WVBE President Issues Statement on Boone County

July 18, 2016

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (July 18, 2016) – West Virginia Board of Education President Mike Green today issued a statement following action taken by the Boone County Board of Education regarding its FY17 budget:

“The action taken today by the Boone County Board of Education to approve a sufficient budget for fiscal year 2017 has averted an intervention by the State Board of Education. The budget has been reviewed by the Office of School Finance and been deemed accurate and fiscally sufficient. The budget approved today upholds Boone County Board’s responsibility to ensure a full instructional term for students and ensures sufficient funds to pay employees for the entire school year.

"I commend the Boone County Board of Education and its Superintendent, Jeff Huffman, for making extremely difficult decisions that were caused, in large part, by factors beyond its control. The Board’s action preserved its right to maintain local control and move forward as they see best for their county.

"I empathize with the employees of Boone County who must bear the burden of this unprecedented financial distress. They are not to blame for the situation that necessitated these difficult actions by the Boone County Board of Education. The West Virginia Board of Education is committed to supporting Boone County to help address budget issues. We remain hopeful this situation will be temporary and benefits can be restored."

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