Training Offered to Help Educators Integrate Internet Resources Into Curriculum

May 23, 2001

The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) has formed a partnership with the WorldCom Foundation that will provide professional development to teacher-trainers across the state to help them use Internet resources in the classroom.  

The initiative, called MarcoPolo, is providing training in 45 states and has reached more than 10,000 educators to date. Built on a train-the-trainer model, the MarcoPolo program is designed to help teachers effectively integrate Internet content into the K-12 curriculum. MarcoPolo teacher-trainers commit to conducting MarcoPolo training and/or awareness sessions with teachers, technology coordinators and other educators in their school and/or school district.  

Additional information, including the registration form, may be found at: Deadline for registration is 14 days prior to the scheduled session.  

Registration forms should be sent to: Phyllis Justice, Office of Technology, West Virginia Department of Education, 1900 Kanawha Blvd., East, Charleston, West Virginia 25305 Fax: 304.558.2584 E-mail:  

Registration will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Several training sessions will be held during the summer of 2001. Educators are invited to attend the one that is most convenient.  

__________June 26 RESA III Nitro Lab (registration deadline June 12)  

__________June 29 RESA V in Parkersburg (registration deadline June 15)  

__________July 10 WV High Technology Consortium Foundation, Fairmont (registration deadline June 26)  

__________July 11 RESA III Nitro Lab (registration deadline June 27)  

__________July 30 Charleston Civic Center, Leaders of Learning Workshop (registration deadline July 16)  

__________August 17 RESA III Nitro Lab (registration deadline August 3)  

Note: Additional training sessions may be scheduled during the summer. Check out the following website for more information:

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