West Virginia Board of Education Supports Governor Tomblin’s Veto of House Bill 4014

April 01, 2016

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — The State Board of Education today shared its support of Governor Tomblin’s veto of House Bill 4014.


State Board of Education President Mike Green said, “ As President of the West Virginia Board of Education, I commend Governor Tomblin for his veto of HB 4014.  It is clear Governor Tomblin understood that, while perhaps unintended, this bill would have seriously impaired the Board’s ability to implement the accountability system requested by the Governor.  All his public career, and especially with the passage of Senate Bill 359 in 2013, Governor Tomblin has proven a strong advocate for improving the education of all of West Virginia’s students.  The State Board continually reviews the assessments administered to our students, and remains committed to working cooperatively with the Legislature and other stakeholders to provide the best assessments available within our resources."


For more information, contact Donna Peduto at the West Virginia Board of Education at (304) 558-3660 dpeduto@gmail.com.