Twenty-Five School Districts Express Intent to Offer Alternative Teacher Certification Programs

February 04, 2016

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - Twenty-five districts throughout West Virginia have filed letters of intent indicating their plan to submit an alternative teacher certification program proposal.

School districts are able to propose offering alternative education programs as a result of West Virginia State Board of Education (WVBE) Policy 5901 which was approved in September 2015. The new policy establishes a process for counties to develop a rigorous alternative program for teacher certification in partnership with the education department itself, one of the state’s eight Regional Education Service Agencies, an institution of higher education with an accredited program for the education of professional educators that has been approved by the WVBE, or an entity affiliated with an institution of higher education with an accredited program for the education of professional educators that has been approved by the WVBE.

“We want the best education system in America to be right here in West Virginia and that system begins with qualified teachers who embrace high expectations, strive for excellence and put students at the center of their work each day,” said West Virginia Superintendent of Schools Dr. Michael Martirano. “This alternative teacher certification program will help us promote, recruit and retain a highly effective and diverse workforce for the students in West Virginia.”

Proposals from the 25 districts must be submitted by Feb. 22, 2016. Following submission, each proposal will be reviewed by the Alternative Certification Program Review Board (Review Board) which will occur in March 2016.

The Review Board, comprised of eight members who were trained last month, will determine if each proposal meets the criteria established in W.Va. Code §18A-3-1 and WVBE Policy 5901. The Review Board will subsequently make recommendations to the WVBE. If criteria is met, approval of the proposed program can be granted by the WVBE for a period of up to five years. If criteria are not met, program proposals may be revised and resubmitted to the Review Board.

Districts will have another opportunity to submit proposals to the Review Board prior to the 2016-17 school year. The next reviews are scheduled in June and September.

Following is a list of districts which provided letters of intent to submit an alternative certification program proposal:

District RESA Location Partner(s)
Kanawha 3 RESA 3
Hardy 8 RESA 8
Berkeley 8 RESA 8
Morgan 8 RESA 8
Grant 8 RESA 8
Hampshire 8 RESA 8
Mineral 8 RESA 8
McDowell 1 RESA 1
Jefferson 8 RESA 8
Cabell, Mason,
Wayne, Lincoln,
2 RESA 2
Nicholas, Braxton,
Fayette, Webster,
Greenbrier, Pocahontas
4 RESA 4
Concord University
Marshall University
Pendleton 8 RESA 8
Putnam 3 RESA 3
Clay 3 RESA 3
Boone 3 RESA 3
Taylor 7 RESA 7

For additional information, contact Kristin Anderson at the West Virginia Department of Education Office of Communications at 304-558-2699 or

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