West Virginia Board of Education to Meet in Kanawha County - September 22, 2014 (AMENDED AGENDA)

September 18, 2014

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The West Virginia Board of Education will meet with the State Superintendent of Schools to discuss education matters on Monday, September 22, 2014, at 10:00 a.m., at Emmanuel Baptist Church, 1401 Washington Street, West, Charleston, West Virginia. 

10:00 A.M

Welcome - Introductions - Pledge of Allegiance - Call to Order
   Gayle C. Manchin, President


Approval of Agenda - (Action)

Introduction of the State Superintendent's Entry Plan including Communication, Goals, Priorities, and Proposed Actions - (Information/Discussion)

WVBE Personnel Matters inclusive of the Appointment of an Interim Director for the Office of Education Performance Audits, Retirement of the Executive Director of RESA 8, and Possible Appointment of an Interim Executive Director for RESA 8 - (Action)

Future Meetings - (Information)

Adjournment - (Action)