West Virginia Board of Education Revisits Plans for Fayette County Schools

September 12, 2013

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The West Virginia Board of Education (WVBE) today during its monthly meeting directed the Fayette County School System to revisit its Comprehensive Education Facilities Plan (CEFP). The board requested that the county CEFP be amended to remove Meadow Bridge High School from consolidation plans for one year. The state board expects to vote on the amended CEFP during its October meeting.

"Every school is unique and that is especially true for Meadow Bridge High School as it is located at the eastern edge of Fayette County," said WVBE President Gayle Manchin. "Meadow Bridge has its own set of challenges and opportunities. Our job as board members is to provide the best education for each student. At this time, we believe removing Meadow Bridge from county closure plans is the right thing to do."

Fayette County Schools came under state control in 2010 following an Office of Education Performance Audit (OEPA) recommendation. As part of a county review, the OEPA found financial, personnel, curriculum and facilities issues.

The board asked Fayette County Superintendent Keith Butcher to conduct a study this school year to determine how the education needs of the students in the Meadow Bridge attendance area may be best served. The study will include the feasibility of Meadow Bridge high school students attending schools across county lines in Greenbrier or Summers counties and how students can be served by the technical education center at Oak Hill High School.

A bond vote is scheduled for May 2014 in Fayette County. The bond includes new construction and renovations to existing school facilities.

For more information, contact Liza Cordeiro in the West Virginia Department of Education Communication Office at (304) 558-2699 or lcordeir@access.k12.wv.us.

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