W.Va. Board Working to Improve CTE Instruction

March 14, 2013

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The West Virginia Board of Education on Wednesday voted to revise state policy outlining standards for the state’s career and technical education centers.

Revisions to Policy 2520.13, Common Core Content Standards for Career and Technical Education in West Virginia Schools put into place the National Common Career and Technical Core, Career Ready Practices, as well as the content skill sets defined for each state-approved career and technical concentrations and courses offered in West Virginia.  In addition, the policy update repeals earlier standards approved in 2005.

By adopting the national practices, West Virginia provides its schools with a comprehensive guide for delivering a relevant career technical education curriculum. The changes enhance the content taught in career technical education programs and raises the rigor to provide skills necessary for employment in today’s economy. The updated guidelines allow students in the majority of career technical education pathways to earn a credential and also raise accountability for mastery of content.

"As we work with Gov. Tomblin, the Legislature, parents, teachers and others to improve student achievement in West Virginia, we must remember the important role career technical education plays,” said state Superintendent Jim Phares. “The ultimate goal is for West Virginia’s students to achieve academically and to readily learn job skills that prepare them for college and careers.”

One way the state Department of Education is working to help educators incorporate the standards into their lessons is with a new online resource, in|site. The website (http://wvde.state.wv.us/insite) offers learning options at a click to both academic and career technical teachers.

The innovative system assists academic and career technical teachers in locating quality instructional resources to use in their classrooms and it allows for the implementation of cross-curricular projects. It also includes an online learning resource for students.

“In|Site is our version of the Staples Easy Button, providing an easy link to learning connections,” Phares said. “In|Site is where career technical education and academics interface.”

For more information, contact the Office of Communication at 304-558-2699.