Technology Literacy Challenge Fund (TLCF) Round 5 Applications are now available!

January 09, 2001

Applications are currently available on the Office of Technology Website. Please go to to obtain a copy. Applications must be approved by the County Superintendent prior to submission. Please refer to the application for complete guidelines.  

The TLCF is a wonderful opportunity to address the instructional needs in your county and/or school(s). The grant award limit is $200,000. Applications are awarded on a competitive basis with priority given to those schools and counties with high need and poverty.  

This could be the last round of the TLCF as we know it, so if you have been waiting for the right time to apply, this may be it! Technical assistance can be provided to assist in the process for preparing an application, including tips and grant writing suggestions. Technical assistance will be offered as time permits. If you would like to schedule technical assistance, or if you have any questions regarding the Technology Literacy Challenge Fund, please contact John Merritt at (304) 558-7880 or by email at  

In addition to technical assistance, targeted grant writing workshops will be provided this winter in 4 areas across the state in coordination with the Education First Goals 2000 program. The focus of these workshops will be on actual grant writing. Seating is limited, and counties are limited in how many participants can attend. If you are interested, check with your county office to see who is attending. For more information, including dates and locations please visit:

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