Auditís Initial Findings Show Education in Positive Light

November 09, 2011

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – An education efficiency audit spearheaded by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin has found several things the West Virginia Department of Education, county school districts and other education agencies are doing right, the state Board of Education learned Wednesday. 

“While there are always places where improvements can be made, there are a lot of good things going on in West Virginia,” Eric B. Schnurer of Public Works told the board in his preliminary report. “We were impressed. What many people we talked to are trying to do is quite impressive.”

Some of the commendations include effective child nutrition programs, diverse professional development training on technology-related products and services, solid financial practices that comply with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and Sarbanes Oxley requirements.

While the final report has yet to be completed, Schnurer did say there were areas where improvements could be made, including mandating instead of recommending 180 days of Instructional time, increasing funding for online instruction and establishing a better accounting of professional development expenditures, especially on the county level.

“We welcome the review to help us do our jobs better,” said sate Superintendent Jorea Marple. “I am confident that the audit will show that West Virginia school districts, for the most part, are using their public education dollars wisely. Still, anytime we can save taxpayers money, it is a good thing to do. As anyone who lives on a restricted budget knows, good budgeting is nothing more than making good choices. We are doing that at the state Department of Education and at school districts across West Virginia.”

The full report is to be released in December.

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