Groups Commit to Improving Education and Keeping Kids in School

August 01, 2011

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - As part of the first ever Act Now for Student Success Summit, the West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE), Education Alliance and the West Virginia Center for Civic Life reached out to businesses, media, government, community, health and education leaders to make a commitment to improving public education in West Virginia. The summit focused on dropout prevention strategies developed and implemented through a community approach. 

“Fixing what needs to be fixed in public education is everybody’s responsibility,” said state Superintendent of Schools Jorea Marple. “I am convinced that we can make great leaps forward if we can rally the concerted and unified efforts of parents, community agencies, lawmakers and business leaders to provide the support needed for our schools to improve.”

Each summit participant was asked to make a personal commitment to lead the change and identify ways to engage the community to improving public education.  

“Local community members' actions can positively impact high school completion rates,” said Patricia Kusimo, executive director of Education Alliance. “We hope everyone attending today's meeting will be a part of at least one community conversation that improves students' attendance, behavior, or course performance.”

The West Virginia Department of Education has identified four priorities as part of Global21: Students deserve it. The world demands it., the state’s 21st century teaching and learning program. The priorities include honoring and elevating teachers; providing greater flexibility to schools related to areas like the length of the school year and class sizes; serving the personal learning needs of each student; and, convincing all parents, agencies, community and business leaders, and legislators that they have an important role in improving schools.

The Act Now for Student Success Summit embraces the importance of community involvement and personalized learning.

“I am determined that this summit won’t just be another meeting,” said Marple. “All of the partners are dedicated to not only continuing the conversations but to also have tangible action steps and a commitment to change.”

For more information about the Act Now for Student Success Summit, contact the WVDE Communications Office at 304-558-2699.  

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