West Virginia Board of Education Delivers Innovative Ideas to Governor

April 20, 2010

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – The West Virginia Board of Education on Monday provided fresh thinking and new ideas to Gov. Joe Manchin in a report titled “It’s ALL About The Kids.” The report was developed for the governor’s use in crafting his agenda for a special session of the Legislature. Gov. Manchin indicated in January that a special session would be called if West Virginia was not awarded federal Race to the Top funds.


In an effort to document the voice of the people, state Superintendent of Schools Steve Paine reached out to the education community and conferred with each state board member and others across West Virginia. “It’s ALL About The Kids” presents thoughtfully developed actions steps, which implemented with diligence and focused effort, will allow West Virginia teachers, students and entire school system to achieve extraordinary growth."

“While Race to the Top was the catalyst to begin conversations about change, our objective throughout this process has focused on our students’ educations,” said West Virginia Board President Priscilla Haden. “The effort lead by the board and its superintendent has produced a series of innovative ideas and ambitious actions that are foundational for in-depth discussion and meaningful revisions of our state education policies and laws.”

The data collection process was broken into three parts: an online survey, statewide conference calls and face-to-face focus groups. Conversations revolved around Race to the Top and any other issues of concern.

“West Virginia Department of Education staff has analyzed the findings in the previous Race to the Top application and is working on a new application for the next round of federal funding,” Paine said. “It is thought that our chances of success in round two will be determined by the success the governor has in working with the Legislature.”

Haden added that the state board is “committed in doing what is right for West Virginia students.  It’s all about the students.”

“The board will take the necessary action steps related to school policies but it will be up to the West Virginia Executive and Legislative branches to work in collaboration with education stakeholders for the this agenda to be implemented,” Haden said.

For a copy of the report contact the WVDE Communications Office at (304) 558-2699.

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