State Board Seeks Public Comment on Policy Revisions

July 14, 2009

CHARLESTON, W.Va.  – The West Virginia Board of Education is seeking input on several policies that have been placed on a 30-day public comment period ending Aug. 10, 2009.
The board, at its July meeting, placed on comment Policy 2445.41, Textbooks Adoption Notice, Request and Instructions to Publishers. The policy is being updated to make it more user friendly for submission of digital as well as text-based instructional materials. The proposed revisions clarify the definition of textbooks to address both print-based and electronic textbooks. The revisions also allow for a teacher’s edition to be provided in digital format when the student text is in digital or electronic format, requires publishers to include an interactive version of all print-based textbooks, among other changes.
The board also is seeking input on Policy 2340, West Virginia Measures of Academic Progress, which provides guidelines for monitoring whether parents and guardians receive student reports in a timely and secure manner.
School administrators, teachers and parents are encouraged to review the documents and make suggestions on improving the policies, which can be viewed by logging onto