West Virginia Education 2000 Workshops Scheduled for July 31 - August 2

July 07, 2000

Following is some additional information about the West Virginia Education 2000 Workshops: Reaching for Results.  

Participation in all workshops will be by invitation and pre-registration only. Registration closed in early June.  

The workshops will have an emphasis on school teams that represent all teachers and students. Lodging and some meals will be provided for participants.  

1. Institute for K-4 Educators: Classroom MAGIC (Management of Academic Goals through Integrated Curriculum)  

Director: Deborah Brown, Executive Director, Office of Instructional Services  

Purposes: • to assist K-4 educators in planning and delivering instruction in an interdisciplinary manner in order to manage the WV IGOs more effectively  

• to equip a cadre of K-4 educators with skills in developing and delivering integrated lessons and to serve as trainers to work with other K-4 teachers  


• Initial Institute session on July 31 - August 2, 2000  

• Teachers will identify their own strengths through tools that measure learning styles  

• Teachers will learn about different types of interdisciplinary teaching  

• Teachers will outline an integrated lesson plan for use during the 2000-2001 school year  

• Fall 2000  

• Sessions on assessment  

• Teachers will refine lesson plans developed during the summer session  

• Spring, 2001  

• Team will present their experiences with interdisciplinary lessons  

• Teachers will begin preparing for summer regional staff development sessions with other K-4 educators  


• Teacher teams from 20 elementary schools from 20 counties across the 8 RESAs -- approximately 80 teachers  

• Teams selected through an application process by the WVDE  

2. School Nurses Institute  

Director: Lenore Zedosky, Executive Director, Office of Healthy Schools  


• to address staff development needs of school nurses  

• to enhance skills of school nurses  


• July 31 - August 2, 2000  

• 20 sessions focused on student health issues  

• Drug/Alcohol Abuse  

• Allergies  

• Managing Diabetes  

• Respiratory Assessment and Asthma Update  

• Assessment of the Ear  

• Feeding Tubes Update  

• WV Children’s Health Insurance Plan (WV CHIP)  

• Domestic Violence Prevention  

• Unified School Improvement Plans  

• The School Nurse’s Role in Jobs Through Education (SB 300)  

• Research for Nursing Practice  

• Using the Internet for Nursing Practice  

• Special Education Issues  

• Featured Presenter: Patricia Withrow, WV School Nurse of the Year (see news release of January 20, 2000)  


• approximately 90 school nurses from across the state  

3. Reading Academy: Lords and Ladies of Reading  


Beverly Kingery, Coordinator -Reading and Language Arts  


• to be part of the Reading for All statewide initiative  

• to improve student achievement in reading  

• to increase teachers’ knowledge in reading and instructional strategies  


• July 30 - August 4  

• Follow-up academy to the 1999 Reading Academy  


• 250 teachers of K-3 classrooms  

• Teacher teams from 21 schools  

4. Math/Science Regional Implementation Institutes  


Larry Lamb, Coordinator - Math and Project MERIT  

Phyllis Barnhart, Director - Project CATS  


• to be part of the Project MERIT and Project CATS statewide initiatives  

• to familiarize science teachers with the new science instructional materials  

• to enhance teachers’ skills in the teaching of mathematics  

• to improve student achieve in math and science  



• July 31 - August 2  

• Sessions focused on:  

• Principles and Standards of School Mathematics  

• Curriculum Mapping  

• Equity and Access  


• Math and science teachers from RESAs I, III, and IV  

5. School Counselor Workshop  


Lisa Burton-Sites, Coordinator - Office of Student Services and Assessment  


• to address staff development needs of school counselors  

• to enhance skills of school counselors  


• July 31 - August 2  

• Sessions focused on student counseling issues:  

• Bullies and Victims  

• Bridges.com Career Explorer  

• Internet Safety - Protecting our Children On-line  

• Healthy Mental Health  

• Understanding Psychological Trauma - Crisis Intervention  

• Dating Violence  

• ABCs of Prevention Education and Teen Sexuality  

• Sleep Disorders and Students  

• Virtual School  

• Utilizing Test Results  

• The Connected School  

• Taking the D out of Anger -Anger Management  

• Keys to Innervisions  

• The Class Meeting - An Effective Tool for Counselors  

• Character Counts  

• Advanced Peer Mediation  

• Finding Internet Resources  

• Putting Theory into Practice  

• Comprehensive Career Development Self-Assessment Instrument  

• Getting Real - Helping Kids Find the Future  

• Accreditation Standards for School Counselors  

• Alternative Education - Transition Back to School  

• Eating Disorders  

• Sexual Harassment  


• 100 school counselors from across the state

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