West Virginia Department of Education Employment Vacancies Now Posted On-line

March 24, 1999

The West Virginia Department of Education(WVDE) now publishes its job vacancies on their web site. This new service is part of the Department's commitment to providing up-to-date, continuous data and information to people interested and involved in K-12 education in West Virginia. The vacancies will be posted as soon as they become available on the web site.  

The positions at this time apply only to jobs in the Department, however there are plans to create a statewide K-12 education job bank. In the future, jobs will be posted from all 55 counties, allowing anyone searching for a K-12 job in West Virginia to keep up with the changing education market.  

To find the WVDE Vacancies, go to the section called WV Department of Ed on the left hand menu, and click on the WVDE Vacancies Button.

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For more information visit:
WVDE Vacancies