State's 2000 Young Writers Winners Announced

April 07, 2000

West Virginia's 2000 Young Writers winners were announced on April 7 at the University of Charleston:  

2000 Young Writers State Winners  

Grades 1-2: Caleb Sigmon (1st Place) Teacher: Sharon Belcher School: Cumberland Heights County: Mercer  

Grades 1-2: Adam Ware (2nd Place) Teacher: Patsy Octave School: Anna Jarvis Elementary County: Taylor  

Grades 1-2: Katie Napier (3rd Place) Teacher: Ann Ross School: Wayne Elementary County: Wayne  

Grades 3-4: Josiah Dailey (1st Place) Teacher: Lois Miller School: Madison Elementary County: Wood  

Grades 3-4: Jenna Stout (2nd Place) Teacher: Kim DuLaney School: Ellenboro Elementary County: Ritchie  

Grades 3-4: Katie Whetsell (3rd Place) Teacher: Terri Foley School: Petersburg Elementary County: Grant  

Grades 5-6: Brittany Evans (1st Place) Teacher: Susan Adams School: Chapmanville Middle County: Logan  

Grades 5-6: Emma Shalaway (2nd Place) Teacher: Judy Lyons School: Cameron Elementary County: Marshall  

Grades 5-6: Judd Billings (3rd Place) Teacher: Charlotte Wilcox School: Ravenswood Middle County: Jackson  

Grades 7-8: Courtney Clark (1st Place) Teacher: Frances Harrison School: Glenwood County: Mercer  

Grades 7-8: Ryan Blankenship (2nd Place) Teacher: Vivian Brooks School: Baileysville Grade School County: Wyoming  

Grades 7-8: Brooke Shawyer (3rd Place) Teacher: Mrs. Sherman School: Musselman Middle County: Berkeley  

Grades 9-10: Lindsey Peters (1st Place) Teacher: Mary Ann Korsnick School: Moundsville Jr. High County: Marshall  

Grades 9-10: Joanna Johnson (2nd Place) Teacher: Karen Gwinn School: Richwood High County: Nicholas  

Grades 9-10: Jessica Forbes (3rd Place) Teacher: Mr. Hicks School: Martinsburg High County Berkeley  

Grades 11-12: Nora Shalaway (1st Place) Teacher: Linda Shalaway School: Cameron High County: Marshall  

Grades 11-12: Megan Mullenax (2nd Place) Teacher: Barbara Scott School: Ravenswood High County: Jackson  

Grades 11-12: Teresa Bean (3rd Place) Teacher: Lesley Garton White School: Lewis County High County: Lewis  

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