W.Va. Students Pen Article in National Publication

April 23, 2007

CHARLESTON, W.Va. _ An article about the future of education written by the State Officer Team of the West Virginia Technology Student Association has been published in a national magazine.  

Converge, a publication featuring strategy and leadership for technology in education, included the article in its Winter 2007 edition.  

Team members are Kim Kimble, Tyler Consolidated High School; Amanda Shaver, Valley Wetzel High School; Alexis Emch, Magnolia High School; Caitlyn Davis-McDaniel, Winfield High School; and John Semmens, Stephen Semmens, Ali Zahalka and John Whisler, all Morgantown High School.  

“Students today face a world of jobs that require higher levels of reading, communication, math and problem solving than ever before,” said West Virginia Superintendent Steve Paine. “West Virginia is committed to closing the gap between the knowledge and skills students learn in school and the knowledge and skills they need for the 21st century workplace.”  

The students envision a world 50 years from now where students no longer leave home each day to travel over mountains and rural roads to attend class. Students no longer sit behind desks that do no more than provide a seat and a solid writing surface. Instead, they foresee a software program that allows students to attend school from the comfort of their own homes. This medium would create a real, virtual school world with people, images and objects. The hardware and software would be no larger than the tip of an index finger.  

“No one can foresee the future so it is uncertain how technology and education will interact 50 years from now,” the students wrote. “These ideas are our dream for our educational future.”  

For more information, contact Alta McDaniel in the West Virginia Department of Education’s Office of Career and Technical Education at (304) 558-2194 or the Office of Communications at (304) 558-2699.

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