Department of Education Debuts New Homepage

March 11, 1999

The West Virginia Department of Education launched its new homepage today at complete with the latest information for educators, parents and citizens.  

"This new and improved website features important information, data and links that will provide visitors with a tremendous resource for learning about schools, the Department of Education and the people and programs that make education in West Virginia successful," said State Superintendent Dr. Henry Marockie. "The website gives us a great vehicle for communicating with our staff and the entire education community."  

The new site displays the latest news and events occurring in education and provides a comprehensive directory of the personnel and initiatives in the Department. In addition, it spotlights the West Virginia Board of Education, its nine members, and includes information on state board meetings.  

Instructional goals and objectives for every grade level are also accessible at the site, as well as key policies adopted by the West Virginia Board of Education.  

Also featured are frequently asked questions that reflect queries the department has received over the years in areas such as certification and teacher preparation.  

The site was designed by the department webmaster Fernando Ibáñez.

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