W.Va.’s 21st Century Initiative Featured in National Publication

January 31, 2007

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - West Virginia has been highlighted in a national publication for its effort to add rigor, relevance and 21st century skills to its curriculum.  

TechLearning.com called West Virginia “a pioneer in spearheading a state-level push for the integration of 21st century skills.” The publication also applauded West Virginia Superintendent Steve Paine, Gov. Joe Manchin and state lawmakers for recognizing the need to teach children a broad range of skills to compete not only with other states but worldwide.  

“Graduating students who can compete in the digital age is imperative but remains an uphill battle in the absence of a strong national technology policy, empowered education leadership, and ongoing dialogue involving business, community, government and educators,” TechLearning said. “Using a mixture of traditional, digital technology, and 21st century crucial skills, West Virginia has created its own state-level model for a new core curriculum and is currently in the process of designing assessments to measure the new elements.”  

Paine and the West Virginia Board of Education believe West Virginia students have the right to be prepared to compete globally with any student, any place, anytime.  

“Students today face a world of jobs that require higher levels of reading, communication, math and problem solving than ever before,” Paine said. “West Virginia is committed to closing the gap between the knowledge and skills students learn in school and the knowledge and skills they need for the 21st century workplace.”  

The complete article can be viewed at: http://www.techlearning.com/showArticle.php?articleID=196604144

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