WVDE Releases RFP for West Virginia Math/Science Partnership Grants

January 16, 2007

The West Virginia Department of Education is pleased to release a Request for Proposal for the federally funded 2007 Math/Science Partnership Grants. The Mathematics and Science Partnerships program is authorized by P.L. 107-11, the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001, Title II, Part B. The program is designed to improve student academic achievement in mathematics and science by improving teacher content knowledge and skills in these areas. Partnerships between high-need school districts and the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) faculty in institutions of higher education are at the core of these improvement efforts.  

Four grants are available for award in the spring of 2007. Each grant is awarded for a maximum of $189,000 each year with a continuation of funding up to three years based on pending evaluation data.  

Eligible partnerships may include other mathematics, science, engineering or teacher training departments of institutions of higher education; additional school districts; public charter schools; public or private elementary schools or secondary schools or consortia of such schools; Regional Educatoin Service Agencies; businesses; or nonprofit or for-profit organizations of demonstrated effectiveness in improving the quality of mathematics and science teachers. Each partnership must designate a member of the partnership to serve as the fiscal/administrative agent for the grant.  

Application Availability: Application is available here http://wvde.state.wv.us/tt/2007/MSP2007.doc  

For more information, contact John Putnam, MSP Science Coordinator for the West Virginia Department of Education, at (304) 558-5325 or jputnam@access.k12.wv.us.

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