W.Va. Dept. of Ed awards $189,000 to Mingo Co.

June 28, 2006

CHARLESTON, W.Va. _ The West Virginia Department of Education has awarded its first Mathematics and Science Partnership Grant to Mingo County schools to improve teacher knowledge and student achievement in mathematics.  

The $189,000 competitive grant is part of a program created after the federal No Child Left Behind Act became law in 2002. The state Department of Education plans to award three additional grants within the next six to nine months.  

Mingo County partnered with June Harless Center for Rural Education Research & Development at Marshall University and the Regional Education Service Agency II in its grant application.  

Mingo’s plan will focus on professional development to increase the instructional toolbox teachers have in science and math as well as deepen their content knowledge. The county will work with Marshall professors to create the content that will be delivered to teachers.  

The partnership program is intended to increase the academic achievement of students in math and science by enhancing the content knowledge and teaching skills of classroom teachers. Its overall goal is to give school districts and college faculty joint responsibility for improving mathematics and science instruction.  

“Math and science are critical to preparing today’s students for the 21st century,” said Lou Maynus, the Math/Science Partnership Coordinator for the West Virginia Department of Education. “Increasing the knowledge base of teachers can have a positive effect on student learning and their success later in life.”

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