West Virginia Receives Grant to Improve Children’s Eating Habits

May 17, 2006

CHARLESTON, W.Va. The West Virginia Department of Education has received a federal grant from the United States Department of Agriculture that will help improve the eating and exercise habits of children.  

The $26,157 Local Wellness Policy State Agency Grant will go to Local Education Agencies across the state to provide training ant technical assistance to food service professionals.  

“Although small in amount, the grant will help us promote nutrition education in the classroom and build community support for creating healthy school environments,” said Rick Goff, executive director for the West Virginia Department of Education’s Office of School Nutrition.  

Nutrition remains an important ingredient in the recipe for academic success. Kids who eat at school are better nourished and better prepared to learn.  

“Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle lead to solid academic success that will continue throughout a student’s lifetime,” said State Superintendent of Schools Steve Paine. “Building a healthy lifestyle should start at an early age in both the schools and at home.”  

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