Attendance Policy On Comment

February 24, 2006

Charleston, W.Va. -The West Virginia Board of Education wants students in school every day! The Board voted unanimously to place Policy 4110 on comment for 30 days following several revisions that strengthen attendance guidelines for county school systems.  

The policy revisions are the result of recommendations provided by the High Schools for West Virginia’s Future Task Force.  

Policy 4110 Attendance Policy is being revised to re-define half-day attendance; remove the identification of specific ages for compulsory school attendance; remove the identification of specific number of days in which a parent, guardian or custodian of children with excessive unexcused absences must attend a school-based conference; and define satisfactory attendance related to the revocation of drivers’ licenses.  

“Research shows that school attendance directly correlates with student academic achievement, graduation and good work habits” said Secretary for the West Virginia Board of Education Priscilla Haden. “Attendance was the number one issue the High School Task Force wanted to address when it was first created a year ago. Task Force members should be commended for a job well done.”  

The revisions to Policy 4110 follow a survey of 750 high school students presently enrolled in West Virginia schools. The Board of Education also asked the West Virginia Legislature to change the compulsory education statue to make compulsory education a requirement for students 5-17 years old.  

The High Schools for West Virginia’s Future Task Force issued a report, A Vision for Student Success, in August of 2005. The outcome included recommendations regarding attendance, standards, the rigor of curriculum and the senior year. The Task Force is presently looking at standards and the senior year.  

Policy 4110 Attendance Policy will remain on public comment for 30 days. School administrators and parents are encouraged to review the document and make suggestions on improving the policy. You can find the policy by logging onto .

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