21st Century Learners Embrace Technology

January 30, 2006


Charleston, W.Va. – Educational technology experts and other stakeholders from across the state gathered in Charleston today to get the first glimpse at the future of technology for all public K-12 schools in West Virginia.  

The Educational Technology for 21st Century Learners Strategic Work Plan took center stage during Monday’s event. The Work Plan, a series of 17 tasks and action steps to review the current educational technology landscape and develop recommendations to support 21st century learning, was approved by the West Virginia Board of Education (WVBOE) at its December meeting.  

“We must work together to assure that students have the essential knowledge and skills they will need for the 21st century,” said State Superintendent of Schools Steve Paine. “Our current progress must be the starting point from which we build stronger schools with increased student achievement. We must bridge the gap between what students learn today and what they need to know to be successful in the 21st century world in which they will live.”  

The Work Plan will also guide the development of a Comprehensive Report of Findings (CRF). The CRF will serve as a blueprint for the development of the West Virginia Department of Education’s (WVDE) Educational Technology Plan.  

“In a digital world, the 21st century learner needs to learn to use 21st century tools and learning skills to master the core subjects and 21st century content that are essential to everyday life and workplace productivity,” said Paine. “The 21st century learner must have the interest, attitude and ability to appropriately use digital technology and communication tools to access, manage, integrate and evaluate information; construct new knowledge; and communicate with others in order to participate effectively in society.”  

The WVDE created an Advisory Committee to promote collaboration and ensure the success of the Educational Technology for 21st Century Learners Strategic Work Plan. Advisory Committee members consist of WVBOE members, WVDE staff, Governor’s staff, local technology experts, business leaders and educators.  


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