State Uses Technology to Connect Job Seekers with Jobs

January 19, 2000

The West Virginia Department of Education is now using the Internet to help connect persons seeking jobs with county school systems searching for employees.  

The Department’s web site,, now includes three online databases: one which lists counties’ job openings, one listing vacancies at the Department of Education, and one for persons searching for jobs.  

“Given the teacher shortages in some curriculum areas, we felt we needed to use the latest technology to ensure that West Virginia has access to qualified educators,” said State Superintendent Dr. Henry Marockie. “These databases provide counties and the Department of Education with the opportunity to place job postings on the Internet, while giving potential employees a way to express their interest in working in West Virginia schools.”  

Dr. Marockie noted that approximately 150 people have posted information on the Job Seeker Database, which has been in operation less than a month. This database allows persons searching for jobs to post personal contact information, qualifications and experience on a database accessible to county school systems.  

Forty-six counties and three Regional Education Services Agencies (RESAs) are currently participating in the K-12 Job Bank, which allows counties to post job openings on the Internet.  

“Although persons still need to formally apply for jobs, counties can access the Job Seeker database to identify qualified, interested persons, and people can use the K-12 Job Bank to search for education jobs in West Virginia’s schools and at the Department,” Dr. Marockie said. “Anyone connected to the Internet anywhere in the world can access these databases. Someday in the foreseeable future, people will be able to apply electronically for jobs in West Virginia.”  

The Superintendent noted that according to the recent “Quality Counts” report from Education Week magazine, West Virginia is one of just 27 states that have web sites that list teacher vacancies and one of only nine that permit teachers to submit resumes, applications or related personnel information electronically.  

“The Department of Education is offering these databases as a service to counties and job seekers,” Dr. Marockie explained. “Once again, West Virginia is at the forefront of technology.”  

To access the databases, visit the following links:  

● WV K-12 Job Bank  

● Job Seeker Database  

● WVDE vacancies

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