Fuel Conservation Topic Of Discussion For Transportation Directors

September 09, 2005

Charleston, W.Va. -Taking a proactive approach on a possible fuel shortage, officials from the West Virginia Department of Education met with county school transportation directors this week to review avenues county school systems can take to conserve fuel.  

The issues discussed included fuel availability, cost and conservation. Currently, counties are receiving ample fuel. However, many counties are reviewing extra-curricular events and non-necessary field trips. For some athletic teams, athletic booster clubs are chipping in their absorb the raising fuel costs.  

The group came to the consensus that if there are emergency curtailments, the state department should make that decision and require the counties to meet a specific objective, providing consistency across the state.  

“We discussed alternatives for those counties that do not store fuel and rely on their distributor for storage,” said Ben Shew, Executive Director for the WVDE Office of School Transportation. “We also discussed some emergency purchasing procedures and practices that may be helpful in the future.”  

With the cost of fuel skyrocketing, some counties are paying $3 a gallon compared to $2.50 a week ago. The directors also discussed a request for a supplemental appropriation when the Legislature convenes in January for its regular session.  

For more information about school transportation issues, contact Ben Shew at (304) 558-2711.  


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