State Board Reviews High Schools For West Virginia’s Future Task Force Report

August 22, 2005

Charleston, W.Va. - Four West Virginia Board of Education members will provide their input as they become members of a task force studying the future of West Virginia high schools. State Board President Lowell Johnson, Board Secretary Priscilla Haden and Board Members Ron Spencer and Barbara Fish will join the group of approximately 70 education stakeholders who are mapping a plan to ensure all high school students will graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary for a successful postsecondary education or the workplace.  

During the August meeting of the State Board, Assistant State Superintendent Dr. Stan Hopkins presented a draft version of the report that outlines the task force’s goals and recommendations as to how they should achieve the goals.  

According to the report, the value of the high school diploma needs to be increased by improving academic rigor, student engagement and intensive support systems. The task force also recommends that the high school experience be redesigned to reflect rigor and relevance for all students. A third recommendation is that student success be supported with excellent teachers and principals. The fifth and sixth goals include setting meaningful benchmarks and hold high schools accountable for student success and ensuring a seamless system of education.  

“High schools have proven to be the most challenging in the area of school reform,” said Hopkins. “The State Board of Education wants to improve the academic achievement of all West Virginia high school students so they can be more prepared for post-secondary education or the workplace.”  

For more information about the task force report, contact Assistant Superintendent Dr. Stan Hopkins at (304) 558-2346.  


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