State Board Places Policy Out On Comment

August 17, 2005

CHARLESTON, W.Va. - The West Virginia Board of Education voted to place revised Policy 2520.6, Physical Education Electives Standards, out on comment for thirty days during its August meeting in Charleston. The policy defines the Content Standards and Objectives (CSOs) for physical education as required by Policy 2510.  

With the passage of House Bill 2816 during the regular legislative session, the proposed revisions will bring the policy into alignment with state law. The amended code section allows the State Board to prescribe a fitness-testing program in grades four through eight and the required high school physical education course.  

The revised policy includes the deletion of the fitness tests requirement for kindergarten through grade three and will now require students in grades four through 12 to be assessed with the Fitnessgram physical fitness test. Fitnessgram is a criterion-referenced assessment of a student’s physical ability. While students in K-three will not be assessed, they will, however, learn skills that will help them become and stay more physically fit.  

“Fitnessgram is a fairer physical assessment in that it provides a variety of ways for students to be tested,” said State Board President Dr. Lowell Johnson. “Students with disabilities will find it much more user-friendly, whereas the Presidential Challenge limits students in the way they can be assessed.”  

Fitnessgram offers a variety of ways to test children’s physical abilities. For example, teachers have the choice of a mile run, a mile walk or a pacer to measure a student’s aerobic capacity, while the President’s Challenge only offers a mile run.  

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