Wellman Family Foundation Continues Commitment To Education

August 10, 2005

Charleston, W.Va. - The West Virginia Department of Education (WVDE) is partnering once again with the Wellman Family Foundation to continue toward student achievement in the 21st Century. The state has positioned itself at the education forefront with the formation of the Champion Schools Program. Selby Wellman, founder and chair of the Wellman Family Foundation, made the announcement at the annual Statewide Technology Conference in Morgantown.  

The Champion Schools Program will validate the use of technology by tying results directly to assessment. It is the first SAS inSchool statewide program in the country to associate state standards and assessment to Curriculum Pathways content.  

Wellman, a native West Virginian and graduate of Marshall University, also delivered his keynote address titled, “Globalization and the Future of Education in the 21St Century,” during Wednesday’s luncheon. He is the former senior vice-president of Cisco Corporation, a worldwide leader in providing Internet network based solutions.  

As part of the partnership, 11 high schools from across the state have been named as the SAS inSchool Champion schools. The Program will recognize individual teachers and particular schools that are the most active using SAS inSchool’s Curriculum Pathways. Each Champion School Team will consist of a school administrator, a mathematics teacher, a science teacher, a language arts teacher, a social studies teacher and when possible, a Spanish teacher.  

The WVDE Office of Technology will provide professional development to each SAS inSchool team; a web-based electronic portfolio tool; assistance in the development of pre-tests and post-tests via the I-Know website; and provide team members laptops and digital cameras, among other provisions.  

In turn, Champion School teacher team members will attend SAS inSchool professional development sessions. They also must plan and implement four SAS inSchool Curriculum Pathways content activities, projects, web inquiries and/or activities and mentor other teachers in the use and implementation of SAS inSchool Curriculum Pathways content. Team members will assist a minimum of 20 students in documenting evidence of usage and student progress.  

Champion School Administrators will attend SAS inSchool professional development to support the teachers and students as they utilize the online content. The Wellman Foundation will provide funding for substitutes for the team members as they mentor other teachers in the classroom implementation of SAS inSchool.  

The Wellman Family Foundation will purchase SAS inSchool content for all teachers in grades 8-12 and will allow parental access from home to assist students. The Foundation will also include the use of the award-winning software for higher education.  

“Mr. Wellman is truly giving back to his home state by providing the means for this software,” said State Schools Superintendent Steve Paine. “I want to thank Selby for his generosity and let him know that we truly appreciate what he is doing for the students in West Virginia.”  

The 11 schools named as SAS inSchool Champion Schools were selected for their high usage by teachers and students during the 2004-2005 school year. The schools include: John Marshall High School, Marshall County; Morgantown High School, Monongalia County; University High School, Monongalia County; Matewan High School, Mingo County; Pikeview High School, Mercer County; Harts High School, Lincoln County; George Washington High School, Kanawha County; Lewis County High School, Lewis County; Hurricane High School, Putnam County; Winfield High School, Putnam County; and Pocahontas County High School, Pocahontas County.  

SAS inSchool was established in 1996 as a division of SAS Institute. SAS inSchool resources have been listed among the top software programs by the Gateway to Education Materials, Technology & Learning, the Southern Regional Education Board and other national consortia.  

For three years, SAS inSchool has won the Technology & Learning Award of Excellence. It offers web-based instructional software for 208 topics, including more than 5,000 web-resources and 98 media-rich interactivities.  

For more information about SAS inSchools, contact Brenda Williams, Executive Director, WVDE Office of Instructional Technology at (304) 558-7880, or visit www.sasinschool.com.  


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