Regional Educational Service Agency Complying with State Board of Education Requests

June 22, 2005

Charleston, W.Va. – The West Virginia Board of Education continues to monitor actions being taken by Regional Educational Service Agency (RESA) VIII to correct hiring and financial discrepancies.  

Recently, RESA VIII Director John Hough shared a series of recommendations developed by an Improvement Consultation Team. Those recommendations include:  

· Review of documentation for Medicaid reimbursement in Hampshire County · Develop detailed procedures regarding the handling of grant monies · Develop a process for revising the personnel and fiscal policies of the organization · Complete a follow-up investigation to resolve a personnel issue related to an employee being paid for time not actually worked  

RESA VIII Council members have fully cooperated with the Improvement Consultant Team and have already taken actions to comply with the recommendations. The consultant team, consisting of 11 members whom possess an extensive knowledge of school procedures, school finance, school administration, personnel and certification, visited RESA VIII and Hampshire County Schools.  

Earlier this year, the Board of Education learned of questionable financial practices and hiring practices in RESAVIII and the Hampshire County District Offices. According to an Office of Education Performance Audits’ (OEPA) report, several violations of state code and West Virginia Board of Education policies occurred.  

The Board also learned during it June Board meeting that the Hampshire County School System has submitted a corrective action plan in response to a Board request.  




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