Board of Education Menu

Board Members: Information about the West Virginia Board of Education and its members.

Board Policies: List of policies that govern education in West Virginia. It includes policies on comment. Also included is waiver information and forms.

Board Meetings Agendas: Agenda for West Virginia Board of Education meetings.

Board Meetings Minutes: Minutes of past board meetings. Find archived minutes starting in 1999.

Board Mission and Goals: Review the West Virginia Board of Education mission, vision, revised goals and the goals stated in West Virginia code.

Regional Education Service Agency (RESA): All eight Regional Education Service Agencies (RESA) are governed under the West Virginia Board of Education. Review a RESA map, contact information, and direct links to RESA websites.

West Virginia Commission for Professional Teaching Standards (WVCPTS): The commission develops and recommends to the Board of Education a systematic plan for the professional development of educators.

Office of Education Performance Audits (OEPA): Go directly to OEPA's website. OEPA establishes and maintains a system of education performance audits which measures the quality of education in West Virginia.