Approved by the West Virginia Board of Education on November 13, 2014

2015-2021 West Virginia Official Multiple Listing

Official Multiple List for English Language Arts, Health/Wellness, Off-Cycle Mathematics and Off-Cycle Social Studies

Introduction to Group II and III Multiple List

Criteria for ELA Adoption

Criteria for Health/Wellness Adoption


Past Official Multiple Lists for English Language Arts and Health

2008-2014 Multiple Listing (English Language Arts, Music, Visual Art)

2007-2013 Multiple Listing (Reading/Literature)

2006-2012 Multiple Listing (Science/Health part 1)

2006-2012 Multiple Listing (Science/Health part 2)

2006-2012 Multiple Listing (Science/Health part 3)

2006-2012 Multiple Listing (Science/Health part 4)



Contact Information

Social Studies Coordinator, Robert “Joey” Wiseman (

Assistant, Veronica Barron (

Office of Secondary Learning

Phone:  304-558-5325                 FAX:  304-558-1834

1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East, Building 6 Room 603, Charleston, WV  25305