West Virginia Official Multiple Listing

World Languages, Driver Education, Dance and Theatre

The West Virginia Board of Education is authorized to review and approve the primary instructional materials (textbooks, visual aids, etc.) used in West Virginia public schools. In fulfilling this task, the West Virginia Board of Education establishes advisory and review committees comprised of teachers and other educational specialists who have expertise in the subject areas being considered.

The West Virginia Instructional Materials Review Committee, in cooperation with the West Virginia Instructional Materials Advisory Committee, performs an extensive evaluation of instructional materials and programs submitted for review and conducts official hearings with publishers. The Official State Multiple List of Instructional Materials K-12 provides information for schools to use in the selection of instructional materials. Part I of the Official State Multiple List contains the listings of instructional materials for primary instruction in the subject of World Languages, Driver Education, Dance, and Theatre. Part II provides a listing of supplementary materials. 

The West Virginia Department of Education acknowledges the contributions of the members of the Instructional Materials Advisory Committee and the Instructional Materials Review Committee who participated in the review, analysis, deliberation, recommendation, and approval process. The support of counties, higher education, the publishers and their respective representatives is deeply appreciated.

   Dr. Steven L. Paine
                        State Superintendent of Schools

2009-2015 Multiple List

(World Languages, Driver Education, Dance and Theatre