Project Based Learning Template

In order to provide consistency across Project Based Learning (PBL) professional development and the development of resources for Teach 21, the WVDE Office of Instruction adopted a project design template for use with PBL. It is important that all work classified as PBL adhere to specific guidelines, the most important of which is an alignment with the grade appropriate West Virginia 21st century content, learning skills and technology tools standards and objectives. Quality project based learning in the 21st century classroom engages students in thought-provoking, standards-focused, inquiry-based learning experiences that are open-ended and driven by an authentic and challenging problem, question or issue.

Standards-focused instruction often contains projects that are authentic and engaging for students. But not all of these lessons or units of study meet the criteria of PBL. We view the implementation of PBL in the classroom as a continuum of practice for the classroom teacher, and it is important that all teachers and administrators view quality standards-focused instructional design in a positive light. It is equally important that we provide the support necessary for teachers who embark upon this journey from more teacher-directed and highly-structured standards-focused instructional designs to authentic inquiry-based, open-ended, ongoing, and engaging learning designs that are driven by a challenging question, problem or issue.










Driving question/challenge



Answer giving

Problem solving

De-contextualized – School world

Contextualized – Real world

The link that follows will provide you with the Project Based Learning Template currently being used with the Secondary PBL Project. This template is also used with the Teacher Leadership Institute participants.

Project Based Learning Template