Feed to Achieve


As West Virginians, we rise to the occasion to help others in need. There are countless individuals and organizations at the grassroots level who are working to combat poverty and feed hungry families. Our goal is to lift these humble efforts up and support the great work they are already doing to help feed kids. A key component of WV Feed to Achieve is to establish partnerships outside the school system to ensure children have access to food outside the school day: after school, weekends, during the summer months, holidays and snow days.

With your support we can eliminate childhood hunger with programs like Backpack Programs, School-Based Food Pantries, Local Food Banks, Local Food Pantries and Churches.
Backpack Program

Backpack Programs

"Backpack Feeding Programs ensure that children in need have balanced, nutritious food when they are most at risk for hunger. Children of need receive these backpacks full of non-perishable, child-friendly meals at the end of each school week. The goal is to have healthier children who miss fewer days of school and who are better able to be successful in school and in life."
— Debbie Odell, Elk River Backpack Blessings Coordinator, Elkview, WV
"When I pickup my backpack at the end of the week, I know I'll have enough food to share with my family over the weekend."
Backpack Program

School-based Food Pantries

School-based Food Pantries provide an easily accessible source of food to children that may simply not have enough at home. School Food Pantries are an effective way to alleviate childhood hunger by providing students with food to sustain them after school and over the weekends.
— Theresa Rapp, Huntington High School Food Pantry Coordinator
"Knowing I have a steady supply of food at school helps me focus on my school work, not where I'll get my next meal."
Backpack Program

Local Food Banks & Food Pantries

"Local food banks and food pantries offer assistance to families that may be struggling to get by. We see many children in need and can provide them with the essential nutrition they need to live productive lives."
— Linda McKinney, Director, Five Loaves & Two Fishes Food Bank Director
"My husband and I both work, but just can't make ends meet. The food bank helps keep food on our table."
Backpack Program

Churches with Feeding Programs for Children

"There are children that may not have someone at home to prepare a meal for them. A church feeding program can provide fellowship and a nutritious meal to those children that may not ever get to experience this in their own homes."
— Robert Johnson, Mayor, City of Richwood & Vice President, Richwood Pantry, Inc.
"Supporting my grandkids on a minimal income is tough. A little help goes a long way."
Backpack Program

Child Nutrition Programs

The West Virginia Office of Child Nutrition administers federally funded child nutrition programs in a variety of settings. These programs include the National School Lunch Program, the School Breakfast Program, the Child and Adult Care Food Program, the Summer Food Service Program, and the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program.

If you're interested in becoming a sponsor of a Federal Child Nutrition Program in West Virginia, please contact the West Virginia Office of Child Nutrition at 304-558-2708.