Melanie Purkey
Executive Director
ESEA Staff IDEA Staff
Laura Pauley
Assistant Director
ESEA Programs, Equitable Services Ombudsman

Sheila Paitsel
Assistant Director
IDEA Due Process Hearings, IDEA Mediation

Josh Asbury
Coordinator, 21st CCLC
Benitez Jackson
Coordinator, 21st CCLC
Jeremy Brunty
Coordinator, IDEA Monitoring
Lorraine Elswick
Coordinator, IDEA
Written Complaints

Charlene Coburn

Elizabeth McCoy
Secretary III-A
Melody Cochran
Secretary III-A
Teresa Brown
Coordinator, IDEA Written Complaints, Out-of-State Programs

Rebecca Derenge
Coordinator, Attendance, McKinney Vento

Angela Riley
Coordinator, WVEIS
Matthew Hicks
Coordinator, IDEA Monitoring
Mami Itamochi
Coordinator, International Education
Travis Gibson





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Charleston, WV 25305
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