Program Development

Programmatic Planning Protocols for Serving ELL Students (Word)
Implementing Programs for ELL Students (PDF)
Maintaining Commitment to Serve ELL Students (PDF)
Language Instruction Educational Programs (PDF)


Home Language Survey (Word)
Parent Notification - Initially Fluent (Word)
Parent Notification - Initial Services (Word)
Parent Notification - Continuing Services (Word)
Parent Notification - Exit (Word)
Parent Withdrawal/Denial of Enrollment Form (Word)
West Virignia Standardized Statewide Entrance and Exit Procedures for English Learners (PDF)

Program Services

Classroom Modifications (Word)
Foreign Language Credits for ELLs (PDF)
Programmatic Planning Protocol (Word)

Student Monitoring

Monitoring Former ELL Students (Excel)

Federal Resources

English Learner Tool Kit (Link)