Budgeting / Applications

Salary Differential Set-aside (PDF)
Salary Differential Worksheet (PDF)
Title I School Ranking and Allocation Process Guide (Word)
Chart of Accounts (PDF)
Indirect Cost 2015 2016


Comparability Procedures (PDF)
Procedures for Maintenance of Effort (Word)
Maintenance of Effort 2014 2015
Title I Part A Fiscal Guidance (Word)
Use of Funds - Meals (PDF)
Food and Beverage for Parental Involvement (Word)
Conference and Meeting Expenditures - FAQs (Word)

Carryover / Waiver

Carryover Procedures (Word)
Carryover/Waiver Application Form (Word)


Title I Equipment Justification Form (Word)
Report of Lost Inventory (Word)
Off-Site Equipment (Word)

Time and Effort


Federal Links

Uniform Guidance (Link)