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Workshop Registration Instructions and
WVLearns Account Creation Instructions

K-12 Educator Course Participant Memorandum Of Understanding

ECCAT Course Participant Memorandum of Understanding

Instructions on how to self register for a course
(Already have WVLearns Account)

Print all instructions before completing the registration process
and the account creation process.

To self-register for courses:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your user name and password

  3. Upon login you will see your home page on WVLearns, then click "Self Registration" at the top.

  4. Selecting the 'Self Registration' link will result in the following display:


  5. Upon selection of a workshop you may view a document that contains all course descriptions and make the decision to register/not register for the course. Note the course start date, that is the date you will be able to first access the course. (Although the course lasts several weeks, the course end date is set to be one year from the start date to permit you access to the course content for an extended period of time.)

  6. Upon selecting the 'Register Button' you will submit the following information:

  7. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your registration from the WVLearns Administrator []

  8. You will be provided access to the e-learning workshop for which you have registered on the opening day of the workshop.

  9. Prior to the start of the course, you can verify your enrollment by visiting the self-registration page again and looking in the enrollment status in the right most column.