Professional and Personalized e-Learning for Educators

Policy 5202 Changes (Minimum Requirements for the Licensure of Professional / Paraprofessional Personnel and Advanced Salary Classifications )
Effective December 11, 2017

News Item #1: Renewal and Salary Reclassification

ELearning Course Option for Renewal Only --  Applicants may use WVDE WVLearns eLearning courses approved by the WVDE to meet the renewal requirements for a Professional Certificate. Applicants will submit certificates of completion in lieu of a college/university transcript at the time of renewal application.

Please note: If an individual intends to apply WVLearns course hours toward salary reclassification, then the hours must be represented on a college/university transcript. Information regarding college/university registration and associated costs will be provided the day the course begins.


News Item #2: WVDE WVLearns Initial Substitute Online Training Coursework

The the following information will provide guidance regarding the application for a WVLearns online course account with the associate login and password required to access courses.
WVDE has moved to a single sign-on process for many of our online initiatives. To avoid the creation of multiple accounts, your next step is to go to and complete the information requested by WVDE Teacher Licensure and Effectiveness. The login and password you are assigned from this office will be the same login and password you use for WVLearns.
Your account may take 24 hours before it is activated.

Upon receipt of a WVLearns login and a password, individuals are to complete the following steps to complete registration for the WVDE WVLearns Initial Substitute training course:

1. From the upper left corner of the screen locate and select “Self-Registration”

2. Review the list of courses and then select WVLearns Substitute Training Winter 2018

3. Provide the information requested on the registration screens

4. WVDE WVlearns Initial Substitute Online Training is provided at no cost to the course participant

After registering for the WVDE WVLearns Initial Substitute Training, course participants will be provided the following information the day the course begins:
Steps to Earn Your Initial Substitute Permit

The following steps are to be followed to earn your West Virginia Substitute Permit.

1. Complete the WVLearns Prerequisite Verification Form (this will be provided once the course opens) and attach this completed Form to the Verification Form course dropbox for facilitator review.
2. Obtain verification from your county that they will accept this course as their requirement for substitute training.
3. Obtain verification from your county that you will be allow to complete two hours of elementary classroom observations, two hours of middle school observations, and two hours of high school observations.
4. Obtain from your county any other pertinent information necessary for completing a background check and fingerprinting.
5. Successfully complete this three session WVDE Substitute Course.
6. Complete your required six hours (two hours in elementary, two hours in middle, and two hours in high school) of classroom observations and obtain the required signatures for verification.
7. Scan your completed Observation Form and attach the Observation Form WVDE Facilitator Course dropbox.
8. E-mail Donna Landin at and inform her that your Observation Form has been submitted to the course dropbox.
9. After it is determined that all course work and observations have been successfully completed, Donna Landin will attach your Substitute Permit Certification of Completion to the Observation Form course dropbox.
10. Download and print your Certification of Completion from the course dropbox.
11. Submit to your county where you wish to be hired as a substitute your Certification of Completion and all county paper work and required fees.
12. The county assembles all items needed and sends these to WVDE along with your fees.
13. WVDE sends your Substitute Permit to the county you designate where it remains.

Please note that participants have one calendar year from the beginning of this course to complete your six hours of classroom observations; submit your Observation Form to Donna Landin at WVDE; and submit all necessary forms, transcripts, and fees to the county where you desire to be hired as a substitute. A background check and fingerprinting are also required.

Registration and Course Dates:

Registration Dates
Course Dates
January 10-February 6, 2018 February 7-27, 2018
February 8-March 6, 2018 March 7- March 27, 2018
March 7-April 2, 2018 April 3-24, 2018
April 3-May 1, 2018 May 2-22, 2018
May 2-29, 2018 May 30-June 19-2018

Additional Dates will be added on March 1, 2018.

Please contact Donna Landin at, if you have questions.