County Board Offices

Hardy County Schools
510 Ashby Street
Moorefield, WV  26836-1099

Telephone: 304-530-2348
Fax : 304-530-2340


Hardy County Schools Staff

Alt, Joyce - Bus Operator
Alt, Joyce - Director or Coordinator of Services
Alt, Michael - Bus Operator
Barb, Sheldon - Bus Operator
Barb, Sherry - Director or Coordinator of Services
Burgess, Veeta - Treasurer/Chief School Business Official
Coffman, Diana - Director or Coordinator of Services
Cole, Glenda - Custodian IV
Cooley, Bryan - Deputy, Associate, or Assistant Superintendent
Coppe, Beverly - Curriculum Specialist
Crites, Ronald - Bus Operator
Crites, Roscoe - Bus Operator
Crites, Tommy - Bus Operator
Cullers, Shawn - Secretary - Executive
Demedici, Ronald - Technology Systems Specialist
Freed, Ronnie - Bus Operator
Hunt, William - Bus Operator
Keplinger, Jason - Bus Operator
Kuykendall, Kevin - Bus Operator
Landis, William - Bus Operator
Leatherman, Daniel - Bus Operator
May, David - Bus Operator
Miller, Kenneth - Bus Operator
Miller, Kevin - Bus Operator
Mongold, Houstin - Carpenter II
Ours, Stephanie - Secretary III
Phares, Deborah - Bus Operator
Redmon, David - Bus Operator
Riggleman, Ashley - Psychologist
Riggleman, John - Bus Operator
Rinker, Ralph - Bus Operator
Roberts Jr., John - Electrician II
Robinson, Barbara - Accounts Payable Supervisor
Rogers, Bonnie - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Schetrom, Steven - Bus Operator
Shewbridge, Jody - Attendance Director
Shook Jr, Melvin - Supervisor of Transportation
Smith, Keith - Bus Operator
Stull, Patricia - Secretary - Executive
Surface, Nicholas - Supervisor of Maintenance
Teets, Rodney - Bus Operator
Vetter, David - Bus Operator
Vetter, Nathan - Bus Operator
Walker, Lisa - Bus Operator
Weatherholtz, Travis - Bus Operator
Whitecotton, Barbara - Superintendent
Williams, Peggy - Director or Coordinator of Services
Williams, Steven - Director/Manager (Instructional)
Wilson, Michael - Bus Operator
Wolfe, Benjamin - Bus Operator
Wratchford, Mark - Bus Operator