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WV School Directory

Salem Elementary
Rr 1 Box 10a
Salem, WV  26426

Telephone: 304-326-7180

Grades : PK-05
Enrollment : 323 (Uncertified)
School's Webpage: None Provided


Staff Listing -- 46 Staff Members

Blake, Rae - Cook II
Bragg, Megan - Librarian
Britcher, Trina - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Butcher, Cristi - Remedial Specialist
Cochran, Elizabeth - Accountant II
Cooper, James - Physical Therapist
Criss, Lisa - Aide III
Dean, Teresa - Aide IV
Decker, David - Principal, Elementary
Dieringer, Alexandra - Speech Language Pathologist
Dotson, Hope - Aide III
Fienhold, Nicole - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Figiel, Heidi - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Flanagan, Tiffany - Counselor, Elementary
Fubio, Christine - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Furda, Molly - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Hefner, Karen - Custodian III
Henline, Teia - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Jedju, Joseph - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Johnson, Lara - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Knight, Brandi - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Lauri, Jennifer - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Lauri, Rachel - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Losh, Angela - Remedial Specialist
Mack, Melinda - Classroom Teacher, Pre Kindergarten
McCandless, Maureen - Occupational Therapist
McLaughlin, Catherine - Custodian III
Meek, Sandra - Aide IV
Moore, Elise - Psychologist
Mudrick, Deann - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Phillips, Jan - Classroom Teacher, Kindergarten
Pratt, Angela - Aide III
Pratt, Janet - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Radcliff, Curtus - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Ray, Lindsey - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Renner, Misty - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Rerko, Stephany - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
Ritter, Brandolyn - Cook II
Shannon, Whitney - Speech Language Pathologist
Shaw, Bradford - Custodian IV
Sulsona, Tina - Remedial Specialist
Terlingo, Tammy - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Traver, Brittany - Classroom Teacher, Elementary
Turner, Cheryl - Cafeteria Manager
Watson, Miranda - School Nurse (AB)
Wotring Speakman, Rebecca - Classroom Teacher, Special Education
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