Student Resources

It Does Matter, a website specifically for WV students, gives students resources to build skills to combat bullying.

It's My Move gives youth a chance to try new things without doing it alone. It's a step by step journey into adulthood with caring people at your side. Learn about people and places that can help you. Connect with people who can help you think about your future career, get a job and do well at work. Learn how to make your dreams come true by making good choices. It's My Move gives you the time, support and advice students need to get it right.

Rise Up is West Virginia's Dropout Prevention Initiative. We all know the value of an education, but sometimes obstacles make it difficult to stay the course. The website provides alternatives, suggestions, resources and guidance to overcome these obstacles and stay on the road to successful completion of high school.

WV Student Voice gives WV students a platform to be heard. Sometimes youth feel that no one listens. This website is your own personal megaphone! WVDE wants to feature the stuff you are proud of doing, hear about the stuff you want to change and listen to your concerns. If you have something to say, go to this website and tweet away.

Leadership Development The Greenbrier Leadership Institute website at offers: