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Success Stories

Ohio County Schools

For lunch, I am pleased to see students taking more fruits and vegetables because they "want" to as opposed to because they "have" to. When we first implemented the meal pattern we had to keep telling our middle and high school students they "had" to take the 1/2 cup credible fruit or vegetable on the lunch tray. Now, those same students willingly take the fruit or vegetable because they want to take it. They are learning to make more positive food choices when at school which we hope they will also do when making food choices at home or elsewhere.

For breakfast, with OVS the students are very happy with the 2nd Chance Breakfast options which include whole grain choices and plenty of fruit and vegetable options. Once again, by making those healthy choices available and part of their meals, the students will hopefully integrate these healthy options into their daily lives when they plan their meals."

Renee Griffin, M.S., R.D., L.D.
Director of Child Nutrition & Wellness
Ohio County Schools

Tyler County Schools

Appearance and variety of food would be a positive aspect of the new meal pattern in my personal opinion. The new meal pattern encourages the use of a wide variety of color in order to meet all the specifications with vegetables. It requires a director to use new vegetables that one wouldn't normally think of using. I personally appreciated the switch to Romaine lettuce because I was really unhappy with the quality or look of the iceberg lettuce. It gave me the extra incentive to switch without thinking twice. I also like the idea of having both fruit and vegetable components. It's something that we always did in Tyler County, but glad to see it on a federal level.

Amanda Kimble
Food Service Director
Tyler County Schools