WV Department of Education
Adult Basic Education State Plan

Table of Contents

Section 1
Eligible Agency Certifications and Assurances

Section 2                                   Updated 2008
Needs Assessment

Section 3
Description of Adult Education and Literacy Activities

Section 4
Performance Measures

Section 5
Annual Evaluation 

Section 6                                   Updated 2008
Procedures and Process of Funding Eligible Providers

Section 7
Public Participation and Comment

Section 8
Strategies for Providing Services to Targeted Populations

Section 9
Integration with Other Adult Education and Training Activities 

Section 10                               Updated 2008
Description of Steps to Ensure Direct and Equitable Access to Funds

Section 11
Description of Programs for Corrections Education and Other Institutionalized Individuals

Section 12
State Leadership Activities

Section 13
State Administration 


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