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Intake Resources
WVAdultEd Intake Forms
File Name File Type Date Posted
Student Proflile Form PDF 11/22/17
Student Achievements Form PDF 11/30/16
WVAdultEd Authorization for Release of Strictly Confidential Information to Local Staff or Volunteers PDF 07/09/15
WVAdultEd Authorization for Release of Information to External Agencies or Individuals PDF 07/09/15
Learning Needs Screening Word 07/31/15
C.I.T.E Learning Needs Styles Instrument Excel 07/15/15
Dress Code Word 07/06/17
Media Release Form Word 07/06/17
Sign in Sheet Word 07/06/17
Rights and Responsibilities Word 07/06/17
Student Technology Acceptable Use Word 07/06/17
Code of Conduct FY18 Word 07/06/17
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SPOKES Required Forms

File Name File Type Date Posted
WVDHHR Referral for Training/Services (WVDHHR completes this form.) Word 06/27/17
SPOKES Student Profile Form Word 07/03/17
WVAdultEd SPOKES Authorization for Release of Information Word 06/27/17
SPOKES Personal Attendance Contract Word 06/27/17
SPOKES Rights & Responsibilities of Students Word 07/14/17
SPOKES Dress Code Policy Word 07/14/17
Student Technology Acceptable Use Policy Word 07/03/17
WVDHHR Participant Time Sheet Word 06/27/17
SPOKES Daily Sign-in Sheet Word 07/14/17
SPOKES Module Rubric Record Word 06/27/17
Employment Portfolio Checklist Word 06/27/17
SPOKES Code of Conduct FY18 Word 06/27/17
WV DHHR Fillable Participant Timesheet Word 07/05/17


SPOKES Information Files
File Name File Type Date Posted
Step-by-Step Instructions for Accessing the SPOKES Modules and Other Curriculum Materials at Schoology Word 06/26/17
SPOKES Program Files Checklist Word 06/27/17
SPOKES FY18 Class Sites Word 07/03/17
SPOKES Checklist for Student Orientation and Intake Word 06/27/17
Checklist for Ready to Work Certificate Word 06/27/17
Checklist for Certificate of Participation Word 06/27/17
Checklist for Certificate of Achievement Word 06/27/17
Supplemental Report Directions FY18 Word 07/03/17
Attendance Verification Excel 07/03/17
Assessment Specialist Map Word 07/03/17
ESOL Intake Forms
File Name File Type Date Posted
Draft WVAdultEd ESOL Registration Word 07/03/17
ESL Community Survey Word 07/03/17
ESL Learning Styles Questionnaire Word 07/03/17
ESL Student Goals Assessment Word 07/03/17
Student Learning Self Assessment Word 07/03/17

Professional Development Resources

Core Session Handouts
CORE Session


In-Service Forms
File Name File Type Date Posted

PD Sign-in Sheet
This sign-in sheet may be used at WVAdultEd training sessions to assure that participants receive professional development credit.

Word 07/09/15

Session Evaluation
This evaluation form may be used at WVAdultEd training sessions to evaluate the quality of the presentation.

Excel 07/09/15
Professional Development Planning Resources
File Name File Type Date Posted
Online Professional Development Calendar Online 4/12/2016

Certification Renewal Chart
This chart is a graphic that shows the certification renewal process for the Adult License, the WV Teaching Certificate, and the Substitute Permit.

PDF 7/18/12

Professional Development Requirements Chart
This chart is a graphic that shows the annual core and elective in-service requirements for full-time, part-time, temporary/short-term, etc. personnel.

PDF 7/18/12
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PD Credit Request Forms
File Name File Type Date Posted

Conference Transcript Information
This is to be completed by personnel who are requesting elective credit and who attended multiple sessions at a conference. This form may be attached to the Request for WVAdultEd PD Credit.

Word 7/22/11

WVAdultEd Class Visit Report
This form may be filed by current teachers who would like to obtain elective professional development credit for visiting another WVAdultEd class. There is a different form for new instructors to use at pre-service.

Word 7/28/15

Request for WVAdultEd PD Credit
This form may be used to request professional development credit for TECH core, CASAS-IT, Navigator Online Training, LIT-ALT core, or for alternative elective credit.

Online 11/02/15
Request for Core Credit for TECH: Approved Online Technology Courses Online 11/02/15

WVAdultEd Travel Application

Request for Out-of-State Travel and/or for Financial Assistance for Travel to Professional Development Event. For out-of-state travel, all personnel employed by programs funded by the WVDE Office of Adult Education and Workforce Development are required to have written permission from Mendy Marshall, Executive Director. This application form serves as a formal request for permission.

Online 09/11/15

New Classroom Technology PD List
This form is to be used to request core credit for use of new technology that you have in your classroom.

Technology Observation Checklists

Request for Core Credit for TECH-SHOW: Technology Integration Demonstration









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Recruitment/Outreach and Retention Resources

Marketing Campaign 2017 - 2018

File Name File Type Date Posted
Adult Coloring Sheet _ Bloom_WV PDF 06/13/17
Adult Coloring Sheet_Door_WV PDF 06/13/17
Dreamhouse_WV PDF 06/13/17
Family_WV PDF 06/13/17
Game Changer_Poster PDF 06/13/17
Half Page Backpack Flier Large 14_WV PDF 06/13/17
Facebook Cover PNG 06/13/17

GRASP (Guide for Retention and Student Persistence)

  • I show up every day of class and have only a handful of students.
  • The same students don't come back from one class to the next.
  • Some of my students will never get the GED.
  • I constantly have to stop what I'm doing to register new students.
  • I don't have time to plan for my class.
  • I advertise for my class, but still nobody comes.
  • I have to be a teacher, counselor, coach, and bodyguard for my students??!!

If you are able to check four or more of these statements, you are definitely a candidate for GRASP. You could benefit from attending the workshop to learn and share with others. You may be suffering from burnout and need some ideas to motivate yourself and your students. If you checked 1-3 items, you have become comfortable with your program and have obviously incorporated some innovative ideas into it. This workshop will help you enhance and refine your program and refine your program and increase your effectiveness.

File Name File Type Date Posted
GRASP Manual Table of Contents PDF 9/12/14
GRASP Manual PDF 9/12/14
Appendix A: Student Commitment Contract PDF 9/12/14
Appendix B: Force-Field Analysis Worksheet PDF 9/12/14
Appendix C: Room Set-Up Chart PDF 9/12/14
Appendix D: Student Membership Cards PDF 9/12/14
Appendix E: At-Risk Chart PDF 9/12/14
Appendix F: Student Retention Program Self-Checklist PDF 9/12/14
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Recruitment/Outreach Resources and Materials
WVAdultEd Logo
File Name File Type Date Posted
Graphic Standards for WVAdultEd Logo PDF 11/02/15
WVAdultEd Logo Word 07/09/15
WVAdultEd Logo Abbreviated Logo PNG 07/09/15
WVAdultEd Logo with transparent background PNG 11/02/15
West Virginia Adult Education Logo on Labels Word 07/09/15
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PLANET MARS (Plan to Empower Teachers with Recruitment Strategies)

Professional development workshops will be available soon that will guide participants through step-by-step instructions on how to develop and implement a recruitment/outreach plan for use in every program, whether it is a full-time learning center or a three hour part-time class.

File Name File Type Date Posted
PLANET Mars (pages 1-25) PDF 8/1/11
Sample Recruitment Timeline Word 8/1/11
Sample Recruitment Timeline PDF 8/1/11
Blank Recruitment Timeline Word 8/1/11
Media Release Form Word 8/1/11
Mail Insert Template Word 8/1/11
Promotional Strategies for Specific Populations Word 8/1/11
Promotional Techniques Tracking Log Word 8/1/11
Recruitment Matrix Word 8/1/11
Sample Press Release Word 8/1/11
Sample Public Service Announcement Word 8/1/11
Includes a checklist for Recruitment to use as a guide to monitor your progress in these areas.
Word 8/1/11
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Suggestions for Distribution of Materials
File Name File Type Date Posted
How Do I Work with Businesses tha Display My Poster or Brochure? Word 8/1/11
Suggestions for Distribution of Materials Word 8/1/11
Family Literacy
File Name File Type Date Posted
Teaching Adults in a Family Literacy Program PDF 4/4/12
Online TABE Guide
File Name File Type Date Posted
Online TABE Guide PDF rev. 9/24/14
WVAdultEd Skills Checklists
File Name File Type Date Posted
AdultEd Skills Checklists PDF 6/6/12
ESL Skills Checklists PDF 6/6/12
GED Skills Checklists PDF 6/6/12

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WVAdultEd FY15 Transition Plan Resources

File Name File Type Date Posted
FY15 Local Program Transition Plan Resource & Technical Assistance Guide Word 11/18/2015
Transition Plan FY16 - Preliminary Draft Guidance Word 11/18/2015
FY15 Transition Plan PowerPoint Presentation from WVAEA, Inc. 2015 Conference PPT 11/18/2015
WIOA FY15 Local Programs Transition Plan Form Word 11/18/2015
Timeline WIOA Compliance PPT 11/18/2015
Memorandum of Understanding Template Word 11/18/2015
Memorandum of Understanding Sample A Word 11/18/2015
Memorandum of Understanding General Guidance Document Word 11/18/2015




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